The Human Predicament Revealed

Jack Alpert, trained as a dynamic systems engineer and cognitive scientist, shows that the human experiment is headed toward a destination no one wants.

He will show that some types of information are undervalued or left out of further analysis and this results in a too optimistic view of the future.

He will demonstrate that if each of us was fully aware of this unused information and these not activated cognitive processes, each of us would expect an ugly future, would know which behaviors are needed to avoid it, and would be working on obtaining those behaviors.

Jack at dinner will show that our children's good future depends on each of us turning three strange ideas into common sense.

1) Family size should not exceed one child.

2) Global population should rapidly decline to less than 100 million people.

3) One child per family laws can be implemented through democratic process.

In the presentation, Jack will rebuild our images of reality using the missing information and cognitive processes so we can see the human predicament as a tragedy bearing down on us, understand why one child behaviors are a solution, and see a path to obtaining these behaviors.

There will be two 50 minute seminars -- one before dinner and one after with discussion to follow.

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