Electronic Mentor Project


The electronic mentor project has sat on the back burner at SKIL since the early 80's because the supporting infrastructure was not in place. The current web has changed that. What keeps a universal electronic mentor now from being created is 5 missing protocols. If we had these five in hand, the large body of causal knowledge now imparted between pre-K and the end of college could be provided at very low cost to a very large community of learner's by a large collection of distributed nodes each supported by a single individual yet working together through the use of these protocols.

The"5 Protocols for Electronic Mentoring" paper was presented in Calgary Alberta Canada in 1997 AACE Conference. (limited graphics see video (here)

2008 October I submitted a proposal to the google 10 to the100th project to write the protocols for the electronic mentor.
The text of the proposal (click Here )
A 30 second movie (click here)