Rapid Population Decline

Part 3

The power to fix the predicament

In the essays in Part 3 I will show why the trend "rapid population decline" can address the larger problems of ever increasing conflict and civilization collapse.

I will show why the common social/environmental problems that have captured our attention, like "climate change" are much smaller. Why, if these smaller problems are fully addressed (for example we find a way to extract and sequester carbon dioxide) the larger more dangerous problems remain in play.

Only after you have been converted to a more tragic view of the human predicament, will you lose your fantasy that the current leaders and experts, and their suggested behaviors, have a chance of resolving the human predicament.

Only then will you be able to replace that fantasy with a new belief that the viability of the human experiment is dependent on implementing rapid population decline.

I want you to see that, if 30% of the globe's population had no children and the remainder fathered or mothered only one child, we might be able to create a rate of population decline that (while not saving all species from extinction, not preventing all waste driven damage to the ecosystem, not preventing depletion of fossil resources, and not preventing some human "die-off" from starvation, social conflict and poisoning) we might produce human viability.