Social Conflict causes the crash of our civilization

You, my reader, have already, learned I think social conflict will bring down our global civilization. That this collapse is precipitated by a feedback loop where the resources used to contain the conflict are diverted from resources used to support wellbeing. Thus creating more losers of wellbeing , more conflict, more diversion, more losers ...etc. This loop once tripped continues to collapse even if the initial tripping force is removed.

The loop can be tripped into action by a change in any variable that subsequently increases scarcity. For example an successful improvement in wellbeing in a scarce environment also means that the gained resources are taken from another person making him or her a loser of wellbeing.

The physical system can make losers, without gainers, if any supporting resource declines. For example, consumption of a resource above the rate it is being naturally produced increases scarcity and trips the feedback loop. (E.g. Over fishing)

Exhaustion of a non renewing resource like oil creates such scarcity and trips the loop.

Any narrowing of the niche we occupy can increase scarcity and trip the loop. (e.g. putting too much CO2 in the atmosphere and changing the weather or acidify in the oceans. Or a huge volcanic eruption.