Solutions that won’t produce a good future

Should you accept the previous model as a description of reality that can be pushed forward in time to depict alternative futures dependent on alternative behaviors, then that same model can also show when a successfully implemented behavior will not prevent civilization collapse.

For example, ending various forms of injustice (ensuring woman's rights, ending slavery and, wars of social status, providing free and universal access to birth control and universal democracy, while improving to the status quo, do not have the power to prevent civilization collapse. None of these changes will change the mechanisms that create scarcity.

Even behaviors that shield us from storms, floods, plagues, and failed harvest will not prevent civilization collapse. While they do prevent scarcity that is caused by the vagaries of nature, they do nothing to control the other mechanisms which continue to make scarcity.

Even stopping population growth will not prevent civilization collapse. We can not support those living today at the levels they wish to attain. Letting the "have nots" catch up to the average "have" would increase this overload, scarcity by a factor or 4.

Stopping economic growth will not prevent civilization collapse. It would trap billions at near subsistence where the fickleness of nature would spark bouts of scarcity. Furthermore, any leveling process would create losers of wellbeing at the higher levels.

None of these behaviors prevent scarcity caused because the system is far into over shoot. The earth can not support the lifestyles we have. Our supporting resource base, fossil fuels, clean water, soil, ocean stocks are all in decline. Our supporting system's ability accept our wastes without productive lose are in decline. For example the ability of the atmosphere to absorb CO2 and our oceans to recycle plastics and toxic chemicals is in decline and the changes reduce its supports.

Thus the model predicts increasing scarcity ... system collapse... even if all these beneficent behaviors are taken and the problems they were intended to resolve were abolished.

This model suggests that most people, proposing these changes don't grasp the human predicament. They do not have a firm grasp of how things in our reality interact with one another. What they are doing is disconnected from what they need to do to have the future they want for their kids.