Humankind's predicament and options      jan 26

It would seem that the human footprint on earth is far above the earth's carrying capacity and must be drastically reduced if we wish to prevent a hell on earth for our children.

The existing global human community, except for some small group, seems unwilling or unable to grasp this predicament and realize normal behavior is unacceptable.

We can call this small group Homo Sapiens Forethought. They cognitively mutated from a larger group called Homo Sapiens Biologico.  HS Biologico can’t infer the future, can’t value future abstractions when they infer them, or when they are presented.

Like other species without forethought HS Biologico produces a life style destination that either oscillates near subsistence or collapses its supporting environment and goes extinct.

To address this human predicament Homo Sapiens Forethought has four options.
      1) Do nothing.
      2) Convert HS Biologico into HS Forethought,
      3) Coerce HS Biologico to take behaviors that produce a
            good future.  
      4) Extinguish the HS Biologico species as a survival strategy
            for HS forethought. 

The action plan is a race to succeed with a combination of 2 and 3 before some autocracy implements 4 or the biological end game, option 1, defines the human experiment.