Part V -- The Future

Today's generation will have to face and resolve the problems that shape the lives of their children and grandchildren. That, these problems are not on their agenda, reflects our blindness to, or denial of, their existence.

The essays in this book were written to overcome this blindness and denial. In this final section, I will summarize the essay's content, provide an image of the target civilization that could provide for our children the future we want for them, and describe processes for moving the existing seven billion procreative decision makers on to a path toward this civilization.

Summary of essays  (text)
     “How things work” image of the human predicament (text)
           Social Conflict causes the crash of our civilization (text)
           Unexpected unfolding (text)
     Solutions that won’t produce a good future (text)
     Intergenerational tends measure “what we want?”(text)
            Drivers of behavior produce opposite intergenerational trends
             Human experiment with positive intergenerational trends

A Civilization that delivers what we want (text) (remainders)
    design (NW)
    The gathering -- Making the physical transition  (NW)

Moving normal minds creates this civilization (SN61)
     Implementing RPD  (SN41) part b