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I still worry, more about where we are going than where we are. Why, six billion people chose personal behaviors that collectively take the world toward scarcity, conflict, and environmental destruction? Do these tragic choices exist because of underdeveloped abilities to gather, process, and value information? Is it possible to develop cognitive processes in a future generation that allow its members to reject behavior now demanded of us by our nature or culture?

I invite you to receive SKIL NOTES and SKIL DINNER INVITATIONS so you can contribute to answering these questions. SKIL NOTES are layman's text. Each takes 90 seconds to read. Each is intended to rattle your complacency about the future conditions we are unintentionally creating for our great grand children. SKIL DINNERS (held globally) are salons where people discuss: the thinking abilities that allow this complacency, personal behaviors that seem benign when they are not, and the thinking abilities (and ways of acquiring them) that would allow a future generation to reject today's accepted behaviors.

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