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Descriptions of predicament

 Underestimating Overpopulation    9 min  Jun. 2017
 Losing Our Energy Slaves  10 min  Oct. 2014
 The Human Predicament and What to Do About I  11 min  Feb. 2012
 Change the course          (first half)  12 min  Dec. 2013
 (Rapid Population Decline or Civilization Collapse   <<== Click for list of all 10 parts
       Parts 1-3    the civilization collapse problem    
             The Scarcity - Conflict death spiral    (Part 1of 10)    4 min  Jul. 2010
             The system trips the death spiral     (Part 2 of 10   1 min  Jul. 2010
             Human behavior trips the death spiral (Part 3 of 10   5 min   Jul. 2010
        Part  4  How much population decline saves civilization?          6 min  Jul. 2010
        Parts  5-9 Sensitivity Analysis  11 min  Jul. 2010
        Part   10   Summary   1 min  Jul. 2010
        Play list -- plays all ten parts in one program  28 min  Jul. 2010

Cognitive impediments to understanding the predicament

 The human predicament - higher intellect required. 6 videos -2hrs total --

     Explains weaknesses in our thinking processes to appreciate the human predicament  and shows how repaired thinking processes lead to different behaviors.     Feb. 2008

The Nonlinearity of the Overpopulation Problem  2 videos - 25 mins each
   Explains how overpopulation will arrive like a freight train and will give us little time to  respond. We must anticipate these future conditions and prevent them.      Oct. 2009

Predicament-unwinding behavior

 What Collected Behavior Creates Sustainability  22 min  Nov. 2018
 How Much Degrowth is Enough?  15 min  Sep. 2012
 How much population decline saves civilization?   Part 4 of 10    6 min  Jul.   2010

Unwinding the predicament projects

 Sustainable Civilization Analysis Project  (in mass and joules)  10 min  Oct. 2015
 Economics in 60 Seconds  (Connecting economics to unwinding)
   1 min  Oct. 2015
 Change the course (recruiting social contract advocates)     12 min  Dec. 2013
 The Human Predicament and What to Do About It 5-vids  11 min  Feb. 2012

Unpublished video (for review only)

 Earth's sustainable population team invite  22 min Dec. 2010
     How many people can the earth support,
          A partially completed model of a sustainable earth.
 Your child as a Somali war orphan    4 min Mar. 2010
     A video fantasy about how easily your child could end up
          like a Somali war orphan


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