Rapid Population Decline

Part 4

Mechanisms for implementing rapid population decline.

In the essays in Part 4 I will show a set of mechanisms for implementing rapid population decline.

The first mechanism converts one person to a belief that RPD is the path to human viability. The mechanisms is actually made by you from the content in the DVD and first two parts of this book -- plus any items you can piece together with your own common sense.

The second, is a contagion mechanism that, through applications of the first mechanism, spreads these beliefs person to person throughout the global community.

The third, is a collegial mechanism that gathers together these believers into a constituency.

And the forth, sometimes a democratic mechanism that allows this constituency to create policy and laws that implement RPD.

SKIL Note 41 ==> Humankind's Viability Is Preceded by Rapid Population Decline How do we know this? How do we implement it? This is the introduction to the "SKIL Rapid Population Decline Contagion Project."
SKIL Note 42 ==> Belief Consensus" Makes Rapid Population Decline Possible An individual's act of restraint, personally choosing one child per family, is not as powerful in creating rapid population decline as an act to build an RPD "belief consensus."
SKIL Note 43 ==> Civilization's Perfect Storm Global problems that we see are big. However, their integration is bigger than anything we can imagine.
SKIL Note 44 ==> Will having a second child become Taboo? As humankind expands filling every space and sharing every resource, some acceptable behaviors will become taboo.
SKIL Note 45 ==> Ethical Coercion and OCPF Implementation Is it ethical for a democracy to coerce one child per family behaviors.
SKIL Note 46 ==> What's a SKIL Dinner? The introduction to a SKIL Dinner 1/18/08
SKIL Note 47 ==> How Many People Will I KILL? Who is responsible for global starvation and civilization collapse?
SKIL Note 48 ==> Finding and Implementing "Course-changing-Behavior." The people who understand the future have to explain it to the people who can behave to change it.
SKIL Note 49 ==> Converting Involuntary Manslaughter to Murder help individuals change their view of births from benign acts, to involuntary manslaughter, to murder.
SKIL Note 50 ==> Which Information Describes the Human Predicament? Saving your kids from a nasty future starts with using the most important information to describe our predicament.

SKIL Note 51 ==> Converting Involuntary Manslaughter to Murder -- Revisited

This change in perception of one's personal procreative acts is the first step in addressing the human predicament.
SKIL Note 52 ==> What is NOT too little too late? Helping people see "THE" personal behavior that changes humankind's course from progressively worse to progressively better.
SKIL Note 53 ==> Forming a constituency is a solution to our predicament The human predicament addressed rather than defined.
SKIL Note 54 ==> While we were sleeping the correct behavior changed From 2 to "none or one" children per family - rapidly decreasing (rather than constant) population makes us more viable
SKIL Note 55 ==>. Does Your Addition See the Future Clearly? Simple addition should show that billions of people will starve to death in the next century because their labor value will not exceed the cost of food, and all alternative means of producing food will be beyond their reach.
SKIL Note 56 ==>. Technology Can Save Us If We Can Keep Civilization Together Technological miracles happen only as long as civilization facilitates them.
SKIL Note 57 ==>.Rapid population decline --- Not an Impossible dream Helping recruiters create a constituency of people who think rapid population decline is necessary to solve the human predicament.
SKIL Note 58 ==>.Morality of implementing RPD laws RPD laws sound immoral until you include all the impacts of not having RPD laws
SKIL Note 59 ==>. Implementing Rapid Population Decline with a Vote The path humankind is on creates genocide. RPD laws are an alternative. The next step is to create a constituency that implements RPD laws.
SKIL Note 60 ==> Happy New Year Wishes -- SKIL Plan for 2009 Year end summary-- new objectives -- and plan for 2009
SKIL Note 61 ==>The path forward What do we do to resolve the human predicament.
SKIL Note 62 ==>Why do we need rapid population decline Only rapid population decline can handle the large increases in total human footprint caused by increases in wellbeing.
SKIL Note 63 ==>How Fast Can Lower Birthrates Reduce Population? Model shows population vs time of birthrates below 1
SKIL Note 64 ==>How To Implement Birthrates Below One Child Per Woman? Economic process to generate very low birthrates.